Facebook Will Hide Those People Who Post Too Much On Your NewsFeed


facebook will deprioritize spammers in newsfeed


Facebook’s NewsFeed is an interesting cacophony of your friends posts, ads, videos, group updates and links from your favourite publisher Pages. It can be overwhelming sometimes especially if you notice some people continuously publish content and now Facebook has a solution to this.

Apparently, Facebook did some research where they found out that there was a tiny group of people who routinely share large amounts of posts per day, which equates to spamming people’s feeds. On further analysis, the links were found to include “low quality content” like clickbait, misinformation or sensational articles.

To counter such users, Facebook wants to reduce the influence of such spammers by deprioritizing the links they share. This update on the NewsFeed will apply only to links on an individual article, and not on videos, photos, check-ins, status update or Pages.

This is a follow up from an announcement they made way back in May where they promised a change in the NewsFeed to demote links to crappy web page experiences.

Facebook has taken quite the strong stance in the quest to prevent users from spamming users News Feeds. They have been preventing people who don’t follow you or have you as your friend from sending you messages and how they flagged links from a certain social network as spam.

Facebook says that this update will not affect the Page distribution of most publishers on the NewsFeed. However those that share spammy like content per day may see a reduction in the distribution of such links.