Facebook Will Demote Links To Crappy Web Page Experiences On The News Feed


We tend to get a lot of news on Facebook. Publishers have been leveraging on the site’s huge user base of close to 2 billion people to post their news articles for them to read.

However there are times that when you see a story on your feed and when you click on it to read, it loads a webpage that has a very bad experience, which can make some people not use Facebook again to source news.

Well, Facebook is making a change on the News Feed and it will affect such publishers. “We hear from our community that they’re disappointed when they click on a link that leads to a webpage containing little substantive content and that is covered in disruptive shocking or malicious ads,” Facebook explained in the post.

The update on the News Feed will make sure that people see fewer posts and ads that link to these low quality web page experiences. Facebook also says that this will also reduce  the “economic incentives of financially-motivated spammers” which is similar to what they do to stem fake news.

Facebook has been able to do this by reviewing hundreds of thousands of web pages that have little substantive content then used artificial intelligence to understand whether new pages shared have the same characteristics. So if a new post shows these characteristics, it may show up lower in the feed.

This will affect publishers who have such content the most and Facebook also says that publishers who don’t have such low quality content may see a small increase in traffic.


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