Telegram Messenger Adds Self Destructing Photos and Videos to Regular Chats

7 second selfies anyone?

telegram self destruct

We can credit Snapchat for making ephemeral messaging possible, the idea that self destructing media seemed crazy at the time, but now it has been implemented by other networks like on Facebook Messenger and on Telegram Messenger.

Now Telegram has decided to take ephemeral sharing prime-time by adding a self destruct timer for photos and videos in your regular private chats in the new ver. 4.2 update.

The new feature works when you are sharing a photo or a video that was taken by Telegram’s camera. When you take a photo for example using Telegram’s camera, you will see a clock icon at the bottom which will allow you to set how long the photo will last, from 1 second to a whole minute. When the time runs out, it will disappear, just like how it it happens within Telegram’s Secret Chats.

According to the company, when the recipient tries to make a screenshot of the photo or video you’re about to share, you will get a notification, which is great!

That is not all in the new version 4.2 update. You will also be able to add a bio to your profile, which you can set within settings. Bios help in situations where you’re a member of those super-groups Telegram allows people to create, where you can learn more about people.

Other features include:

  • CDN caching of public available photos and videos by Telegram so that these kind of media can be downloaded faster in huge channels (those with over 100,000 members).
  • The scrolling area in Stickers has been enlarged so that you can easily scroll between several sticker packs.