Kaspersky is Giving Away its Antivirus For Free

Will you download it?

kaspersky free antivirus

One of the must have programs if you have owned a Windows laptop for years is an antivirus software. Malware is practically everywhere, from clicking on suspicious links or them being transferred to your PC via removable media.

Kaspersky Lab is famous for the Kaspersky antivirus software which you may have probably installed some time in the past and you had to pay for it of course.

It seems now they are diverting away from their business model as Kaspersky announced that they will give away their Antivirus software for free. Apparently according to the company, they have been working on this release for a year and half where they did pilot tests in some regions.

You may be wondering why they decided to give it away for free and they shed light on this. Kaspersky lab claims that the free antivirus wont compete with their paid options since the free one lacks features like parental control, online payment protection and a VPN.

They also know that a lot of people don’t have the money to spend on the premium version and they end up using free antivirus softwares or even rely on the likes of Windows Defender (they throw shade on the software by the way). In addition, Kaspersky Lab claims that if they get more people using Kaspersky Free, they will have more data for their machine learning system

If you are interested in downloading Kaspersky Free, you can check it out here