Taxify Will Offer Massive Discounts on Tuesdays in Kenya Starting Tomorrow



Taxify is one of the various ride-sharing platforms we have in Kenya and we are used to them changing their price structure, often monthly, in order to be competitive in the market.

Well today, they have decided to announce a pretty sweet deal for the Kenyan market. Taxify will implement a 50% discount on all trips in Kenya starting this Tuesday and they will be calling this Taxify Tuesdays.

When you open the Taxify app tomorrow, you will see a new category in the app which is labeled “-50% TUESDAY”  which when you use, it will give you a 50% discount on your ride. This is how the UI looks like.

taxify 50% discount

This is a pretty steep discount, which is great for Taxify riders, but it means reduced revenues for drivers. “While lowering the prices, we’ll be compensating our drivers with bonuses, so their earnings wouldn’t decrease,” Taxify said. “Drivers will in fact have increased earnings due to them serving more clients that day!”

Since they were calling this promotion Taxify Tuesdays, I was curious to know whether this offer will be on every Tuesday from now on or it would be limited to this Tuesday due to the impending elections. This was the statement:

“It will definitely not be limited to one Tuesday, but we can’t say right now for how many Tuesdays this will happen for. As we expect more clients will come on Tuesdays, we need to make sure we have enough drivers for such day first. But we don’t think this should be a problem as this day should provide a lot of earnings for more drivers to come online.”

This announcement comes after a time Uber announced a discount on your fare using a special promo code and free rides to people with disabilities for tomorrow’s election day.