Kenyans Have Gone Kuku About “Vifaranga Vya Kompyuta”, Here’s Why

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During a press conference on Wednesday 16 August, Presidential candidate of Kenya, Raila Odinga made a statement that would take Kenyans on social media by storm. The presidential candidate was addressing the press on the way forward of the NASA coalition after the just concluded election.

At the end of his statement, Mr Raila Odinga switched to swahili, probably in an effort to communicate to everyone even those who do not understand English. He said, “…Hawa viongozi ni vifaranga vya kuku, vifaranga vya kompyuta, kompyuta ndio iliwataga, kompyuta iliangulia, kompyuta ikawatoa… vifaranga vya kompyuta.” (Translated to: These leaders are chicks, chicks of computers, computers laid them as eggs, computers lay on the eggs, computers hatched them… chicks of computers)

The former Prime Minister was probably trying to explain his allegations that the recent poll results were hacked, considering that he had earlier referred to the incumbent president who happened to win the said elections as “Computer generated leaders”. However, the context did not matter to Kenyans on social media, the gem was “vifaranga vya kompyuta” and the memes started coming in:

Even some media houses were not left behind:

Some took it as an opportunity to advertise their business:

The truth is, Raila Odinga was not referring to actual chicks but rather he was using the statement as an analogy of how he believes the current elected leaders are as a result of computer generated numbers. But Kenyans do not let a good meme moment pass by now, do they?

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