ShowMax is Now Available on Xbox One Gaming Consoles


Since its launch in Africa and specifically in Kenya, video-on-demand service ShowMax has made a significant amount of strides in keeping its loyal customer base entertained. For instance, ShowMax stands out from the competition like Netflix owing to its African-based content. The service has also partnered with telco Safaricom to offer data offers when streaming content because mobile streaming, understandably, is an expensive affair. Furthermore, users can also pay for subscriptions via M-PESA, which is as straightforward as it sounds. You can also download movies for offline viewing up to 30 days from the day of download.

Today, ShowMax has embarked on yet another milestone in expanding the number of ways viewers can access content, and that is via the Xbox One gaming console. This will augment its apps that are available for smartphones and tablets for both Android and iOS, in addition to access on smart TVs and other media players.

Users with this device need to take a walk to the Xbox Store and download the ShowMax app. Then, they’ll need to sign in with existing accounts, or set up a new one based on user-friendly prompts. By the way, ShowMax welcomes new users with a 14-day trial for Kenyan and South African customers, which has no strings attached whatsoever. This means that you will not be prompted to enter payment options in order to choose a certain package.

Worth noting is that these subscriptions are not littered with ads, and that instills peace of mind for people who find them offensive.

This development was preceded by the addition of ShowMax to DSTV Explorer and Android TV platforms, coupled with integration of several voucher payment options and the aforementioned mobile payments like M-PESA.

ShowMax says that it will continue exploring other channels in diversifying its video-on-demand business.

Sign up details are found here.


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