ShowMax Now Offers Free “No-Strings-Attached” 14-Day Trial in Kenya and South Africa

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When video on demand service ShowMax launched, it was taking on industry giants like Netflix. ShowMax focused on offering African entertainment for Africa as a differentiating factor. As a consequence of the target market, ShowMax offered localized payments options such as ability to pay for a subscription via M-Pesa in Kenya.

The service has matured, previously, one could argue that ShowMax has no variety of shows but that has changed in the recent months with a long list of additions to the ShowMax catalog, both international and local shows.

The issue of expensive data prices has been a set-back for the service and its users alike. ShowMax however has a couple of solutions including a download option for mobile streaming, data capping options to squeeze out more watch time from your data bundles and they even offer video streaming bundles in conjunction with Safaricom.

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ShowMax subscription services come in two packages; ShowMax Select and ShowMax Premium. Of the two, only the premium package offered a trial period and multiple payment options. ShowMax Select only offers M-Pesa payment option and there’s no trial period.

Well, until now. ShowMax has taken a step to ensuring that you can enjoy their service before committing to pay for it. The company is offering 14-days free trial and you do not need to select a package, all you need is a valid kenyan or South African phone number. You will also be required to create a ShowMax account, in case that wasn’t obvious.

To take advantage of this offer, access and input your phone number. You will then receive a text message with a voucher that you will enter once you sign up on ShowMax. Enjoy! 


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