Telkom’s 4G has been the talk of town for quite a while now, thanks to the company’s focus on offering affordable data bundles especially for those with access to areas covered with the telco’s 4G network. One of the best ways to experience Telkom’s 4G network is with its new 4G MiFi routers that retail at Ksh.5,999 at Telkom shops.

The advantage of the router is that it offers portability due to its small size and decent battery life and the fact that it can connect a number of devices, including smartphones that don’t support 4G to Telkom’s 4G network. Well, if you are thinking of upgrading your digital lifestyle with the 4G MiFi router, and you should, here are five quick and easy steps to get you started:

Write down the WIFI Key

After you purchase your MiFi router and set up your sim card at Telkom outlets, you will require to note down the default WIFI Key that can be found at the back of the device, underneath the battery, or behind the back cover.

Access to the device’s dashboard

After you have noted down the WIFI Key, turn the device on by holding the power button, it’s the only button on the device, for a few seconds until you see the battery and the network lights turn on.

Using the WIFI Key, connect to the router’s network and browse to on your preferred browser on your PC to access the dashboard. Alternatively, you can download Huawei’s HiLink app that will let you access the dashboard through your Android or iOS device. The default username is admin and the default password is admin.

The dashboard lets you access the network settings, usage stats, check notifications, block certain devices from accessing your network and update the device’s firmware among other settings. I recommend setting up the app, as it makes things easier while you’re on the move.

Change your WIFI Key and SSID

After logging onto the dashboard, you will be prompted to change the admin password which you should, you should also preferably change the WIFI Key and SSID to something you can memorize easily and also for security reasons. This can be done through the app, by going to settings -> My Wi-Fi then you can change the SSID and Key.

On the desktop dashboard, you will find the option under settings.

Set data plan

Setting a data plan allows you to enjoy browsing without the worry that your data bundles will run out without you knowing. Setting the data plan can be done using the web dashboard or through the HiLink app.

On the dashboard, simply go to the Statistics tab, click on Edit, set the start date, data plan and threshold at which you want to be notified that your bundle is about to run out.

On the app, simply tap on the data counter on the homescreen and then settings icon on the top right then set your plan.

How to buy data bundles

Choosing the right data plan that suits your needs is important, good thing Telkom offers plans in daily, weekly, monthly, XL and 90 day options for you to choose from. You can purchase bundles via the Telkom portal, Telkom shop or by inserting your SIM card into a phone and dialing *544#.

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  1. i like the plans, though considering safaricom home fibre is available in more places than telkom 4g, and still cheaper to install and pay, i bet you know what i would rather choose

    • If your PC doesn’t have a WiFi connection, you can just connect the device to the PC via a USB cable. Ensure the device is turned on.

  2. These retards at JTL actually downgraded from Huawei to some unknown named WiFi router that has amnesia, it actually can’t remember WiFi settings after a restart. Bunch of Fucking idiots

  3. and people should learn to change the default router login password once they set it up
    today i boarded a matatu and it had free wifi, i checked the isp it showed telkom ok they must be using a telkom mifi.
    logged into the router used default username and password it logged in, i went ahead and changed the log in usernamse and passwrd thenthe wifi password…great i enjoyed the internet all by myself, now they will have to reset the Mifi again since all the passwords were changed

  4. After topping up for 280/= to bundle for weekly, immediately 100/= was stolen swallowed. Why should this happen? explain pls

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