Guy Requests For a Simple Photoshop Job, Didn’t Go As Planned

Who knew there was an almost infinite combination of outcomes?

Via Markiplier, Twitter

One thing that the Internet is surprisingly good at is Photoshop skills and you will always find people willing to undertake on a Photoshop challenge. You tend to see willing participants to a Photoshop challenge when they see a photo worth being a meme or when someone makes a request.

Well this time round,  a guy named Mark had an interesting request to the Photoshop community on Twitter. He just wanted someone to photoshop his photo of him and his dog to look like the one by Shaggy and Scooby.

You may think that there would be only one way to Photoshop this where people would do exactly as he wanted, but this didn’t go as planned.

The dog was too big

Which he replied

Their heads were switched

And Mark refused

Another guy decided to go way over the top by stacking his dog

It even got weird. What if Mark was shrunken down? Makes sense

And you can see he had concerns

No, just no. What? Why?

That is not accurate, dancing heart 22

This is the worst Photoshop job on record

Now he was made to be fat for some reason

This is my favourite…the dog is the one in focus

And Mark acknowledged it


Wait, I spoke too early…this is the best Photoshop job…Mark being surrounded by his dog

Why though? Is Mark Dr Fantastic?

This is art bro, don’t hate. Appreciate

Yeah sure, make the dog’s neck longer

Okay this is hilarious. *slow clap* Funny…funny

I’m…I’m confused