Parental Control Apps for Android: Solution for Parents in the Digital World

teen using mobile

teen using mobileAll credits to Parental control apps for Android, parents can now keep a check on their kid’s online activities, social media accounts, text messages as well as can even their track their teen’s location. Developers have made these apps while keeping all parental concerns in mind. Hence, these apps provide solutions for most of the problems that arise due to excessive use of electronic gadgets and digital media.

Should You Let Your Child Know About Monitoring?

By downloading a parental control app for Android to monitor everything your child does on the web does not mean you do not trust your child, the app helps you to keep your teen safe. Checking your child’s messages and activities behind their back will only damage your relationship with your kids but will also create unnecessary conflict in the family. Parents can take advantage from a convenient app such as FamilyTime to keep a track of their child’s cell phone activities with ease.

This app works only with the consent of children and this is the most appreciable quality of the FamilyTime app. Once you decide you want this parental control app for monitoring your teen’s Android device, you need to talk to your child about downloading this app. FamilyTime requires parents to take their children in trust rather than spying on their activities without mutual agreement.

Benefits That the FamilyTime App Provides:

With the help of the FamilyTime parental control app for Android, parents would be able to see exactly how a child uses their phone. Following are the advantages of this remarkable app.

  • This app enables parents to see their teen’s phone contacts, text messages, call logs and the list of the social media apps installed on their child’s Android device
  • They can put suspicious contacts to the Watchlist to receive alerts every time their kid gets in contact with it
  • FamilyTime helps parents to know if their children follow social media etiquette or not, by allowing parents to monitor the usage frequency of all instant messaging apps
  • It also empowers parents to block those apps that are addictive or questionable for their teenager to use
  • Make sure neither your teen gets bullied nor they bully other kids by tracking sent or received text messages on their Android cell phone. Also, you can let them know if they are texting to someone you think is not safe for them
  • Using this parental control app, parents can monitor the browsing history on their teen’s device, the frequently visited URLs along with the date and time stamps and the bookmarks on their mobile phone.

Familytime Android

FamilyTime provides literally a complete package of monitoring options and reduces your parental concerns to half. Go to Google play store to get the FamilyTime app!


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