Better Late Than Never, WhatsApp Adds Live Location Sharing

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WhatsApp is generally a very simple to use messaging app and thanks to that philosophy, they end up updating the platform with new features slower than other competing platforms. This next feature is something that we saw its sibling, Messenger, announced earlier in the year.

WhatsApp announced a new feature: Live location which allows you to share your location in real time with family or friends. This feature is handy in a situation where you are meeting with friends or sharing your commute or letting your loved ones know that you are safe. WhatsApp also says that this feature is end to end encrypted, just like how they secure their chats on the platform.

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Here is how it works: When you are in a chat, whether person to person or in a group, under location in the attach button, select the new option ‘Share Live Location.’ You can then proceed to set the timer for how long you want to share your location and hit send. If more than one person shares their live location in a group, all locations will be visible on the same map in the group, which is cool!

WhatsApp will now join other social networks like Messenger, Snapchat with its Snap Map and Foursquare in offering this feature. This sort of sharing at this level may incite fears over being tracked down but fortunately, these apps allow you to stop sharing your location if you don’t need to.

Live Location will be rolled out to both the Android and iPhone apps in the coming weeks.