5 Ways You Can Stream Showmax On Your Non-Smart TV


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Showmax is part of the new way we consume TV in the present world, which is termed as “video on demand.” You pay a certain fee per month (as low as KES 250 for three months) and get access to over 35,000 series episodes, movies, kids’ shows and documentaries that can be watched on multiple platforms.

The easiest way to watch Showmax is definitely on your laptop or phone via the web and mobile apps respectively. However, if you have a non-smart TV at home, it is still possible to watch Showmax content on it. Here are some handy tricks.

Connecting your laptop with your TV using a HDMI cable

Laptops and TVs usually have HDMI ports that you can use to transmit audio visual content between each other. Laptops have a HDMI out port and TVs have a HDMI in ports, which requires you to have a HDMI cable to complete the process of watching content from your laptop to the TV.

Locate the HDMI ports on your laptop and TV, connect the HDMI cable, adjust the position based on the length of the cable and you will be able to enjoy Showmax on the big screen. The only downside is that your laptop does not have a remote control, but a wireless mouse will fix this issue easily.

Connecting your phone or tablet to the TV

It is no surprise that our phones can be directly connected to the TV and you can do this using MHL (Mobile High Definition). MHL uses an adapter with a micro USB plug on one end to connect the phone to and a female HDMI port on the other to connect the HDMI cable that will be later connected to the TV.

The only disadvantage to this is that you need to have a MHL compatible phone or tablet which you can view from this list.

Get the Xbox One

This year, Showmax added support for the Xbox One, which makes sense since the gaming console is also marketed as an “entertainment system.”
This means that people who own the Xbox One can use the console to stream Showmax content. All you have to do is install the Showmax app from the Xbox Store, pin it to your homescreen and stream away.

Get the Sony Playstation 4


Earlier this month, Showmax also launched their app for the PS4. It’s the world’s best selling gaming console, and it means that any gamers out there who already own a PS4 can use it to stream Showmax content directly to their non-smart TVs.

Simply search for the Showmax app in the Playstation Store, install, sign in and away you go.

Get Google’s Chromecast

Google Chromecast is a media player stylized as a dongle which allows you to control playback of streaming video or mirror content from your phone.

Since Chromecast is directly connected to your TV, all you have to do is open the Showmax app on your phone and “cast” the content you want to watch from the app straight to the TV,

The sad thing is that Chromecast is not a common thing this side of the seas so you may have to import it.


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