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Infinix X1 TV

Infinix Launches Budget 720p and 1080p X1 Smart TVs in Kenya

Infinix has launched their Infinix X1 budget smart TV in Kenya which is one of their moves to have product differentiation in the market....
tv viewership in kenya up due to coronavirus

TV Viewership in Kenya Goes Up by 335,000 Viewers Due to COVID-19 Measures

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced Kenyans to stay at home more. This has led to an increase in the number of people watching TV...

Education Ministry to Use YouTube and Kenya Education Cloud as Remote Learning Tools

The coronavirus pandemic has forced a change of our routine behaviour across the various systems and one of them is the education sector. Early...

5 Ways You Can Stream Showmax On Your Non-Smart TV

Showmax is part of the new way we consume TV in the present world, which is termed as “video on demand.” You pay a...
YouTube wants to be like Netflix

YouTube wants to be like Netflix

YouTube is evolving. It wants to be more than an online portal for user generated videos. That is why it introduced YouTube Red, a...

OLED Technology: How it Works and why You Need it in your Life

If you’re old enough, you remember sitting in front of a TV with a picture tube (cathode ray tube) to watch your favorite shows....

Safaricom To Diversify into TV Content

Safaricom plans to expand into selling on-demand television services. Aimed at mobile devices the new service extends beyond the company's core revenue stream which...