Instagram is Testing a Button That Works Like the Retweet button

instagram regram button

Instagram is an incredibly popular social networking app and has been adding features over time to become relevant to its users. This has led it to borrow features from what we see on other platforms and the new tests are not strange at all.

According to TNW, Instagram is testing 5 new features where the most interesting addition is the Regram button.


If you’ve ever used Tumblr or Twitter, there are buttons that have the ‘re’ prefix (reblog for Tumblr and retweet for Twitter) which allows you to share the content to your audience.

The Regram button is next to the Direct share button as you can see from the above screenshot. This will allow users to reshare content, which was previously done by third party apps like Repost.

Archive Stories

Instagram is also testing the ability to save your Stories in an archive. It seems Instagram will save these online rather than save them on our phone and only you can see them after they disappear from your story.

Close Friends List

This feature was apparently spotted being tested early this year and it involves you adding your closest friends to a group so that you can share content with just them. Interesting enough, your friends in this list won’t get a notification when you add them but they will be notified when someone shares something.

Share to WhatsApp on iOS

On Instagram for Android, you can share your posts on multiple platforms, which includes WhatsApp. Now it seems iOS users will now be able to do that from the tests.

Other features include:

  • Top hashtags and emojis within search
  • Emoji shortcut for words
  • An add coffee option (what?)