Telkom Kenya is Doubling the Amount of Data Purchased from Freedom Bundles Subscriptions

Telkom Freedom Bundles

Telkom Freedom BundlesBarely two months ago, Telkom Kenya unveiled Freedom Bundles. The offer is still going on, and from December 12, it got an addition especially on the data departments.

As a recap, Freedom Bundles allow Telkom users to get access to WhatsApp for free, as well as free SMS (across all networks) and free Telkom to Telkom calls. That is not all as the promotion is bundled with data offerings for any select package spread over daily/3-day/weekly/monthly validity period. For instance, daily subscriptions nets you 100 MB of data at KES 39. An additional KES 10 stretches the same amount of data over three days. Further details can be found on this post.

In addition to these offerings, Freedom Bundles subscribers will enjoy twice the amount of data for the same price, but there is a catch. The bundles are restricted to users who have access to 4G, which is still restricted to a handful of areas in the country.

ValidityData 4G Freedom data bonusPrice (KES)
Daily (auto-renewed)100 MB100 MB39
3 days (auto renewed)100 MB100 MB49
Weekly200 MB200 MB99
500 MB500 MB199
1 GB1 GB249
Monthly1.5 GB1.5 GB499
4 GB4GB999
6 GB6 GB1499
10 GB10 GB1999
20 GB20 GB2999

You should note that this offer does not cover calls to other networks as it costs KES 2 per minute. Secondly, only daily and 3-day subscriptions are auto-renewed.

Upon exhausting your Freedom bundles, the extra benefits are axed and charges revert to the norm, that is, KES 2/3 per minute for Telkom/offnet calls, KES 1 for SMS and KES 4 for every megabyte of data consumed. Additional terms and conditions are:

  • Free benefits are only available when you have a valid Freedom bundle and more than 1MB in Freedom data balance.
  • Freedom Telkom calls have a Fair Usage Policy (FUP) of 100 minutes.
  • Freedom Any Network SMS has a Fair Usage Policy of 50SMS.
  • Free WhatsApp has a fair usage policy of 50MB.


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