The Modern ShillingAccording to Kenya’s new constitution, as from 2010, Kenya’s legal tender cannot bear the images of individuals, be it founding fathers or former presidents. Since then, Kenyans have been eagerlyย waiting to see the newly redesigned shilling notes but it has not yet happened, due to unknown circumstances.

Well, a talented Kenyan designer we could only identify as Dicky Jr went ahead and came up with his own concept of how the modern Kenyan shilling would look like. He posted his work on Behance and shortly after, his design work was all over social media with some claiming the concept to be the actual new notes. Here are the design concepts (swipe to view):

Well, reactions from Kenyans on Twitter on these “new notes” were mixed, with some liking the design and others outright hating it – some claiming that the new design looks like concert tickets:

Well, due to the confusion on social media and the claims that these could be the new notes we will be getting in circulation soon, thanks to the dark web (WhatsApp) where people share and forward pictures without context, the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) has released a statement through its Head of Communications,ย Wallace Kantai. CBK has distanced itself from the images emphasising that neither the government nor the CBK commissioned the project. Mr Kantai has as well warned those circulating the media against misquoting his office as having sanctioned or condemned the proposed notes.


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