WhatsApp Working on a Way to Warn You if You Get Spam Messages

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whatsapp spam

Spamming is not new on the Internet and it has existed from the jolly days when email was one of the few ways you could communicate with friends and family.

WhatsApp has become a place where you usually get chain texts from people and they can be annoying. It seems the company is working on a way to curb this, as reported by WhatsAppen.

According to the site, the company is working on a feature that will warn you if you receive a message that has been forwarded many times or you intend to forward these messages. This was discovered in the translation section of WhatsApp.

If you receive such a message, you will see a notification “forwarded many times” at the top of the chat bubble under the sender’s name.

whatsapp spam notification

WABetaInfo shared screenshots with the site which displayed how they show such notifications when you try to forward such texts to yourself. The notification appears at the top of the screen, where it says “a message you are forwarding has been forwarded many times.”

Currently, WhatsApp fights spammers by giving you tools to block and report messages from unknown contacts when they send you spam texts.

This is a great move by WhatsApp in the fight against spam in the social network, which has become rampant. Spammers find it easy to do this since they can share these messages by either forwarding the messages or using the Broadcast feature, albeit the latter works if the recipients have the spammer’s number saved on their contact lists.

Since this feature is under development, we will have to wait for a while to see it being rolled out to everyone.


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