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Safaricom ShopNo. You’re not high. I am not high either. We know Safaricom is an amazing company and as much as the company has a love-hate relationship with their customers, we all agree that they can do pretty great things and at the top of their greatest inventions is a new smartphone.

Mother green has gone ahead and jumped into the smartphone manufacturing arena, albeit, a little copy-pasting was done. The new smartphone, dubbed, iPhone 10 Plus looks like an iPhone right down to the operating system.

The phone was announced in an under-the-radar manner, maybe due to its heavy resemblance to the iPhone 6/7/8. The announcement was done via a local newspaper, where the device was placed amidst a pull-out advert in the company’s Valentine’s campaign, “Great Things Happen in Love”.

We don’t have a lot of information about the device, aside from the fact that it comes with 4G and buyers will get 10GB of free data bundle after parting with a Kamulu-plot-buying Ksh.184,999.

I reached out to the company via Twitter for a comment but all I got were a few likes and comments from people I don’t know:


Keep it up Safaricom, you’re doing good sweety! Next time let’s go with a Tesla.

We have since established that this was an error at advert printing and the correct device and price is as follows:
iPhone X 256GB version with a price of Ksh.184,999 and 10GB data bundle.
The iPhone 8 Plus 256GB sells at Ksh.144,999 and comes with a 4GB data bundle.


  1. 🤣🤣🤣 It’s all fun & games until this catches the attention of mother Apple Inc. and $1B copyright infringement lawsuit is launched against Saf like they did to Samsung

  2. A copy at a higher price tag , than the original iPhone 8, who is going to buy that, at least before they are sued by Apple.
    Apple could not even allow Xiomi to use the name Pad in naming their tablet in EU.

    This may be a move to put them into the international spotlight when Apple sue their ass, but they may loss so hard to the billions of USD.

    I don’t hate Safcom but when they do some thing like this, it just show how not innovative they are…. I am just saying.

  3. For a minute I thought the calendar had jumped to April 1st.. but seriously who prints out some of their free bronchuers that are sometimes filled with mistakes that are only noticable to the tech savy. Like someone needs to explain to them the differences between HD, FHD and even worse, qHD and QHD. there was a p

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