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No. You’re not high. I am not high either. We know Safaricom is an amazing company and as much as the company has a love-hate relationship with their customers, we all agree that they can do pretty great things and at the top of their greatest inventions is a new smartphone.

Mother green has gone ahead and jumped into the smartphone manufacturing arena, albeit, a little copy-pasting was done. The new smartphone, dubbed, iPhone 10 Plus looks like an iPhone right down to the operating system.

The phone was announced in an under-the-radar manner, maybe due to its heavy resemblance to the iPhone 6/7/8. The announcement was done via a local newspaper, where the device was placed amidst a pull-out advert in the company’s Valentine’s campaign, “Great Things Happen in Love”.

We don’t have a lot of information about the device, aside from the fact that it comes with 4G and buyers will get 10GB of free data bundle after parting with a Kamulu-plot-buying Ksh.184,999.

I reached out to the company via Twitter for a comment but all I got were a few likes and comments from people I don’t know:


Keep it up Safaricom, you’re doing good sweety! Next time let’s go with a Tesla.

We have since established that this was an error at advert printing and the correct device and price is as follows:
iPhone X 256GB version with a price of Ksh.184,999 and 10GB data bundle.
The iPhone 8 Plus 256GB sells at Ksh.144,999 and comes with a 4GB data bundle.