Facebook Redesigns Privacy Settings, Will Allow Deleting Old Posts That You Don’t Like

Facebook privacy redesign

March has not been kind to Facebook. Thanks to the Cambridge Analytica story and its subsequent ban by the company, it has led its shares tumbling down, erasing billions of dollars in market capitalization and people have become quite weary of the social network.

This has led to the company to do damage control and address the biggest problem: Privacy. Today, Facebook has decided to overhaul their privacy controls in their mobile app and it is quite extensive.

Privacy settings have always been buried on Facebook and now they are changing that. They have redesigned the entire settings menu so as to make things easy to find.

They have also added a new privacy shortcuts menu which allows you to make your account more secure, control the ads you see, control your personal information and manage who sees your posts and profile information.

The company has also made it easier for users to download content you have shared on Facebook. You will be able to download a ‘secure copy’ which will include photos you’ve uploaded, contacts, posts on your timeline and more.

Facebook also announced a feature called Access Your Information  and it is the most interesting of the bunch. This feature will allow you to go back in time within the timeline so that you can delete posts that you no longer want on Facebook.

In the spirit of restoring its image to the public, Facebook says that they are proposing updates to their terms of service as well as their data policy to spell out what they collect and how they use it.

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