Facebook is Running Surveys To Gauge People’s Perception Post Scandals

Facebook survey

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Facebook had a rough March and the dominoes started falling after the Cambridge Analytica scandal. This scandal which involved data from 50 million accounts being harvested by a quiz app on Facebook led to public distrust of the company taking a nosedive. The distrust was even worse when people realized that Facebook had a lot of data and metadata about a lot of activities done by Android users.

Now Facebook has been on a roll trying to repair its image after the scandals and they have done that by rolling out revised privacy controls and later on restricted 3rd party data for ad targeting.

It seems now they are doing another thing and this is usually not news if you’ve been on Facebook: Surveys.

Some users are starting to notice that Facebook is running surveys on their feed. This is not new since I have received such surveys before but the timing of this is interesting.

Usually when you get such surveys, Facebook wants to know your opinion about the services you enjoy on the platform. However, in the light of the March scandals, the survey does come at an interesting time when its trust is in question and the questions point to that.

Sarah Frier still shared more questions about the survey in the thread which included whether one thinks Facebook is trustworthy, how you feel about your friends or whether you feel you’re in control of your personal info.

As I said before, this is not a new survey but Facebook could be doing this to gauge its user base trust and consider a way forward. You bet they are taking this seriously and maybe they will be able to salvage their trust back from their 2 billion plus user base.