How Technology Can Improve Africa

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In comparison to some other continents, Africa’s tech industry is still developing. While some gains have been seen in recent years regarding mobile phone ownership, smartphone usage still isn’t at a level comparable to the US. Given the lack of internet service, there is some increased demand stirring. Other areas of African life can be improved by technology.


In Sub-Saharan Africa, millions of school age children are not attending school. Given some concerns that the education system simply isn’t of quality, technology could be the answer. Communication technology has provided potential ways in which the education system can be improved. While access to the internet continues to be low, the mobile internet is providing this connection for the region. Through these connected educational services such as teacher training, student instruction and testing can occur.

Health Care

Access to health care has been a dilemma for many people living in Africa. However, technology is again helping improve upon this sector as well. The Tulane Health project in Ethiopia, sponsored by Microsoft has aided over 3000 health clinics in 10 different regions to improve upon their delivery of services. For instance, the computer system is able to store records and help improve upon the knowledge based consultations. Telemedicine services have also been effective in fulfilling some of the medical need in the region.


Agriculture is one of the main sectors in which people are employed in sub-Saharan Africa. However, a vast amount of potential tillable land goes unused. With hunger being a main issue for many parts of the world, there is huge potential for growth in this sector. With the increased use of digital technology in farming, it is now possible to better educate farmers regarding practices as well as providing new markets.

As the technology world continues to see significant advancements, what will this mean for Africa? Perhaps even more ways in which this continent can develop and become a significant player in the world.

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