Telkom Kenya is Doubling Some Airtime Purchases Done Today

Telkom Double Airtime

Telkom Double AirtimeThe better part of May 2018 has been marked by price wars for several products that are offered by Kenya’s telecom operators. These obvious marketing approaches are nothing new in the local scene but we cannot fail to note how they have intensified in recent times. There are many reasons for these stunts but can summarize them as a way of netting more subscribers or appealing to existing customers to stop them from crossing over to a carrier with attractive offers.

Telkom is part of the heated campaign with its #EveryBobCounts catchphrase. On the whole, it has never really slowed down in pushing its services to a demographic that mostly spends time on the internet. We can trace its renewed vigor in the telecom business when it rebranded its business from Orange to Telkom Kenya. In that period, it has amassed more than 4 million customers and even launched mobile money services (T-Kash) to replace Orange Money that was killed off in favour of a modern product.

Additional campaigns include voice, SMS and data deals. Particularly, some of Telkom’s data products are competitively priced as we have discussed in earlier posts. Furthermore, they are plenty enough to confuse users, including yours truly as it can be a challenge to pick a plan that fits your specific data usage patterns.

Today’s promotion targets users who top up their lines with more than KES 50 of airtime. Telkom is doubling such purchases, which is something you do not see every day.

We are not aware how this works with top-ups done via T-Kash as the telco still doubles airtime purchased through its mobile money platform.

Telkom loyalists need to continuously check the telco’s social media pages as these promotions are announced via social media channels. We will also try to keep you updated with all offers as soon as they go live, which is to be expected as the campaign is still going on.