WhatsApp is Slowly Rolling out Group Video and Voice Calls

Can't wait!

whatsapp group video and voice calls

Early this month at the 2018 F8 conference, Facebook announced that WhatsApp would get group video calling. We’ve had video calling on WhatsApp since 2016 and it was about time it moved on to the next big thing.

According to Android Police, it has been spotted that group video and voice calls were working on a select number of users.

When you are on call with someone, you can add a participant easily by tapping the contact icon on the top right of the screen. The contact icon will load your list of contacts of which you can choose who to add to the call. This feature works for both video and audio calls.

whatsapp group video calls
via Android police

On the other side, when you are being invited on a group video or audio call, you will see the numbers and avatars of the people participating so that you can make a decision whether you want to join.

WhatsApp group voice and video calls seems to allow upto 4 people to talk to each other, which seems reasonable since it will split the screen into four nice rectangles.

This feature has been spotted on WhatsApp for Android beta ver 2.18.162 on a select few, so you might have it or not. Since this has been spotted in the beta channel, it means WhatsApp is testing on a few users and the general rollout is imminent, so we have to wait and see. Facebook did promise the feature early this month so be ready to engage your friends in wild video calls in the near future.


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