TrueCaller Unsurprisingly Drops Support for Windows 10 Mobile


Other than me, the entire set of my friends use TrueCaller, a call and SMS ID app that has gunned popularity in some of the world’s major markets. The app still features among the most downloaded apps in Kenya and will likely hold that spot owing to our inherent need to identify unknown contacts who reach out to us.

Sadly, the app will no longer be available for folks rocking Windows 10 Mobile.

According to the tweet sent by @TrueCallerHelp, this development is preceded by Microsoft’s go slow on Windows 10 Mobile development for the past couple of months.

The tweet reads: Due to Microsoft stopping focus on developing Windows 10 Mobile, we have also discontinued support. Sorry about that!

This is not a surprise because it is an open secret that the Microsoft-powered mobile platform has been on a downward trend. The tech giant has not launched any key devices to support its commitment for the mobile OS since the releases of Nokia Lumia 950 and 950 XL back in 2015. The Redmond-based the giant has, grudgingly, abandoned the platform to third-party manufacturers such as Alcatel and HP that have equally shied away from releasing mainstream devices to at least feign the existence of Windows 10 Mobile.

TrueCaller, which is supposedly planning to venture into the payments business in the coming days, couldn’t be more right to distance itself from a platform that does not support its business model.

It should also be noted that some popular apps such as Snapchat and banking apps have never created an app for Windows 10 Mobile due to uninspiring numbers that the OS commands.