Airtel Tops Customer Loyalty Charts, Offers the Best Value in Data and Voice – Report


msurveymSurvey, the platform that shapes the strategic framework for businesses based on real-time customer feedback, has released the second quarterly report for the Customer Loyalty Industry Benchmark based on a globally recognized metric known as Net Promoter Score (NPS).

The report covers several industries, but this piece will cover two primary topics: telco and digital TV providers. The statistical sample size for the numbers given below was based on 1000 people for each industry. The platform has about 37,000 people from different demographics and regions in Kenya.

To begin with, major changes were observed in customer experience in the mobile operator business. For instance, Airtel Kenya’s NPS in the second quarter of 2018 jumped rose from 16 to 37, moving the telco at the top of the carrier business industry. The most common reason given for this development is unsurprising; Airtel still offers the most affordable voice and data bundles in the market.

While Telkom Kenya is equally affordable, its numbers dropped from 36 in Q1 to 21 in Q2. It emerged that Telkom has a significant pool of passive customers who said still think the telco needs to do more in terms of signal strength. The most common response was that Telkom is ‘cheaper in terms of bundles but the network is not strong.’

Market leader Safaricom registered a drop in NPS, with most complaints being centered on high costs and lack of understanding on airtime purchases and data bundle depletion. Respondents mentioned that ‘airtime mysteriously disappears.’

DStv is still at the top of the chart in terms of customer experience. In Q2, it registered 45 points in NPS, a slight jump from the previous quarter’s 39 NPS mark. GOTV and Bamba TV witnessed positive customer response too, whereas Star Times dropped 8 points to 16. GOTV and Star Times are still preferred by many people thanks to its ability to strike the best balance in affordability, local content, and availability. Notably, the industry continues to lead in customer experience, although its penetration is still low.

The report covers other industries such as banking, insurance, energy, health, and retail.


“Despite businesses being clear on their own performance, establishing industry benchmarks and how they rank against other businesses in customer experience has remained unclear,” said Kenfield Griffith, mSurvey CEO and Co-founder.


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