Kenyans Join in The Fun Creating Memes From Nike’s Viral Ad Campaign

nike's colin kaepernick ad spawns off memes

Nike recently made quite the headline with their online campaign, which was led by the controversial American athlete, Colin Kaepernick. He was further thrusted into the limelight in 2016 when he ignited a furore in his home country by choosing to kneel on one knee instead of standing while the national anthem was being played.

This has made him one of the more polarizing celebrities in America and it has been proven once again with the latest Nike ad.

The ad format is quite simple. A black and white photo of Colin looking straight at you with a strong message overlayed on top and the famous ‘Just do it’ tagline Nike is famous for.

The ad format quickly transpired into a viral meme on Twitter, where people copied the ad format by using a black and white photo of someone or a thing and adding a pop culture caption along it.

Like this one made by the Late Show with Stephen Colbert about Trump

Or this one about the Stormtroopers which is insanely accurate

This could be my favourite

Of course someone had to use another comic book character, Thanos

If you watched the NBA last season, you’d totally understand this reference

A Game of Thrones reference had to be used

Nigerians added to the fun

Kenyans also were not left out of the fun. They also started posting their own Nike ad memes from pop culture references.



Like this one from a viral video.

This is also another statement from a viral video