The Tech Industry May Not Be as Robust as It is Now


If you look at the tech stocks in the U.S., things would seem robust. Most companies including the likes of Apple and Microsoft are in the green for a while now. The growth this year has been significant. However, the juggernaut may be stopping soon. If you love playing online casinos, you need to read this news.

The tech industry, however big, is on the verge of a major loss. People even deemed some boxers undefeatable but somehow someone managed to put them down to size, and why is that? It’s because what goes up must come back down. It’s gravity manifesting itself in many different ways, and everything is coming down with it.

Apparently, one top technician’s charts reveal a worrisome plunge that may turn out to be the lowest the tech sector has ever swooped. Despite the tech sector’s winning streak, returning more profits than any other industry had been unfortunate enough to get caught up in the eye of the storm.  There has been a big uncertainty clouding the path of the tech industry into the future, revealing fewer profits and unpredictable statistics.

How Much More Would The Tech Stocks Go Up?

Nevertheless, some experts and their charts prove otherwise. It is said the tech sector is slowly gaining back its ground and that eventually, things will get back to normal.  They feel that the growth of tech stocks until now has only been a turnaround after a period of dismal growth.

But how could a top-selling industry, after agriculture, of course, slow down? That seems a bit shady.

People buy all sorts of technology every one minute around the globe, and that’s a lot of sales, which means the numbers should point up not down. For every piece of equipment sold, tech companies replace it with a new one which creates a continuous Nirvana-like supply and demand chain. So why charts suggesting a major pullback is rather ridiculous.

Technology by birthright comes after food and oxygen, which makes it the third biggest necessity in people’s lives. But technology comes in different forms, cars, phones, drones, and more.

Both branches of technology cannot produce expected and desired results at the same time, some have to outsell the others which make statistics come out unsatisfactory because poor performing  tech branches are pulling the big guys down. The categorization of all technology into one has resulted in the charts suggesting a pullback.

Not all tech branches will sink with the Titanic, though, some will manage to swim to shore despite the turbulence surrounding them. Evidently, the tech sector will always get back to the top of its game. This kind of circumstances don’t happen all the time, and at times when things are good, it allows the industry time to prepare for such occurrences. And when the unfortunate happens, thankfully, the scars aren’t big enough to cripple the sector.