Connected Kenya 2018 Summit to Precede Blockchain Taskforce’s Technology Report

ICT PS Jerome Ochieng
Jerome Ochieng', PC Ministry of ICT and Innovation

ICT PS Jerome OchiengEarlier today, ICT Authority staged a breakfast meeting with the media that was graced by the institution’s Acting CEO Mr. John Sergon and the PS for The Ministry of ICT and Innovation, Mr. Jerome Ochieng’.

The groups met to echo the benefits of technology in complementing the implementation of the government’s Big Four Agenda, as well as the announcement of a special booth that will be set up at the 2018 version of Connected Kenya. The two-day event will stretch from 22 to 24 October.

“Manufacturing, Universal Healthcare, Food Security and Affordable Housing are aspects that are about the individual and the government of Kenya wants these issues which are close to the heart of every single Kenyan adequately addressed,“ said PS Jerome. “The government is trying very hard to ensure that there is a partnership between the private sector and government to harness our various synergies and move our country forward.”

Since Connected Kenya is going to shed more light into the hotly-discussed blockchain technology, it emerged that the findings of the task force that was set up to study its offerings and whether it aligns to Kenya’s existing laws have been concluded.

“We created a task force looked into the possibility of changing any laws and regulations to accommodate the services of blockchain technology. It is an important step because the technology is still new in the country and we have to make sure that our laws align to its applications,” added Mr. Jerome.

The taskforce’s report, which should be announced before the month ends, should address most of the issues raised by blockchain enthusiasts in the country. At the onset of the study, the group had suggested the creation of a local cryptocurrency because ‘digital currency is the same as cash. Once you pile up, you can go to any bank and take the cash. Actually, there is no need to print cash if we get used to digital cash. The good thing about digital cash its traceability.’

More details will be revealed as soon as Connected Kenya goes live, or afterwards. The event, whose principal sponsor is Kenya’s third largest mobile operator, Telkom, will attract business and IT leaders and stakeholders from the Eastern Africa region.