Telkom Kenya is Negotiating an Undersea Cable Landing Agreement with Unknown Partners

Aldo Mareuse

Aldo MareuseTelkom Kenya rounded up the media for a business review report that was made official at the telco’s primary offices. Presented by its CEO Aldo Mareuse and Telkom Enterprise Managing Director Mr. Kris Senanu, the meet highlighted the company’s gains as it now targets to hit the 5-million mark in terms of subscriber base. Additional details are can be read in this post.

Interestingly, it emerged that the operator is discussing the possibility of partnering with two institutions in distributing high-speed internet from two undersea data cables. The talks, which may end up being successful (the development may not have been mentioned if its success rate was unknown or unlikely), are supported by near future landing of the cables in the country.

Should the deal materialize, then Telkom will have an upper hand it pushing its data-related products that match its goal of being the go-to connectivity solutions vendor in Kenya. It is also worth noting that Telkom already serves enterprise customers from other three undersea cables, and continues to expand its turf with its Fiber-to-the-Building (FTTB) product.

“With continued demand for faster and reliable connectivity, Telkom has seized this opportunity and invested KSh 3 Billion into its FTTX project: that is Fibre to the Building. This re-engineering and positioning is based on lessons drawn from customer experiences, industry insights, economic factors, and changing market needs to deliver more than just connectivity,” noted Aldo Mareuse.

Additional details about the partnership are still scant, although we hope the telco will shed more light into the matter sometime during the staging of the Connected Kenya Summit at the Bomas of Kenya. Telkom is the fair’s title sponsor, and the event, in most cases, features the unveiling of new partnerships and interesting products.