Get 2.5 GB of Free Telkom Kenya Data with Every Huawei Y9 Purchase

Huawei Y9 (2019)_2
Y9 2019 front cameras

Huawei Y9 (2019)_2We must admit that Huawei has done an admirable job in marketing its midrange device, the Y9 (2019). The smart handheld is a direct competitor to the likes of the Tecno Camon X/Pro and the pricier OPPO F7/9, and addresses the shortcomings of earlier releases such as the Y7 in a number of ways: it blows up the screen to a large 6.5-inch stretch on the diagonal, sheds several millimeters in side bezels that make it relatively pocketable for such a large phone and adds additional features for a 2018 device such a notch (that you can deactivate unlike in the P20 Lite), dual cameras on the front and rear, as well as face unlock.

You can now buy the device from any Telkom Kenya outlet. The price is the same as what you would pay for it through other means (KES 24,900), but Telkom adds free 2.5 GB of data. Owing to the interest this device has generated, splashing some goodies on top of the purchase is a welcome idea.

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In case a Telkom Kenya store is not in your hometown, you should not worry because it is possible other retailers have the unit in stock.

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