How to Check KCPE 2018 Results Online


kcpe 2018 results

KCPE is among the few national exams that a typical Kenyan will undertake in their lifetime. Your KCPE results will most likely influence what school you’ll be admitted to the next year and it is an important exam to undertake.

However, the most intense moment for any KCPE candidate is when the Minister for Education announces the results of the exams. The minister would announce the results in a live national release, top candidates get celebrated around the country and you get to see the results of top students in the following day’s newspaper. Back then, you had to go back to your school to get your results but that changed with the web and the phone.

This year’s KCPE ended on November 1st and following the recent changes to the marking and consolidation of results, the announcement of the results come way sooner than we are used to. Today , the Cabinet Secretary for Education will announce the results for the 2018 KCPE exam today from Mombasa.

This is usually the time when KCPE candidates use two forms of tech to get their results: Via SMS or going online. KNEC announced that you only need to send a SMS with your index number to 20076 to receive your results, preferably after they are announced. This is actually a different number from what they were requesting people to send texts too last year, so don’t end up sending to the wrong number. For Equitel users, you can get your KCPE results by sending an SMS with the candidate’s Index number to 20076 like the other networks and it will be charged at Kshs 25.

To check for your KCPE results online, you will have to access it through KNEC’s portal which might be updated later on after the announcement.


  1. […] In 2018, Kenya’s 2018 KCPE Class was even luckier, having received their results barely a fortnight after the last paper. Accessing those results has also been made easier as parents and candidates are required to send the target index number to an SMS number, or logging into the KNEC website as we explained in this piece. […]

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