Linear Actuators vs Linear Servo Actuators

linear actuators

All of us want to make things easier. One of the best ways to do this is to automate some parts of our life. It is possible to do with the help of linear actuators. Nowadays, there are lots of them. They vary due to their features, functions, size, etc. Of course, you may have heard a lot of interesting information about linear actuators. But still, have you ever heard about linear servo actuators? What is the difference between them? And which one is better? In this article, we’ll share with you all the information you need.

Linear Actuators: How do they work?

Actually, you can find out many types of linear actuators such as hydraulic, electric, and pneumatic. Each of them can be used in different spheres, as they have different functions. In any way, you can use these actuators to convert the rotational movement of the motor into the linear motion. It has a linear actuator motor and a cylinder with a tube and lead screw. This screw moves up/down the cylinder to produce a motion. If you want to buy any kind of linear actuators, just go here

Linear Servo Actuators: How do they work?

Speaking about the linear servo actuator, the servo motor comprises a DC motor, a potentiometer, and a single control circuit. However, in most cases, a potentiometer acts as a rheostat. The motor and control circuit are usually fastened with a range of gears. When the motor acts, the potentiometer exchanges the resistance. As a result, the circuit will better monitor the energy usage and will put it via the motor. This actuator also has a screw and a cylinder to produce a linear motion.

Pros and Cons of Linear Servo Actuators vs Linear Actuators

Linear Servo Actuators


  • They are cheap;
  • Even at low speed, the rotation is plain;
  • When the servo doesn’t work, there is no energy usage;
  • They can reach a rather high speed.


  • It requires too many maintenances;
  • The installation is very expensive;
  • Thermal performance is rather bad;
  • It will be hard to keep these actuators in unsafe environments.

Linear Actuators


  • They are cheap;
  • Mechanical models are self-contained and do not depend on a power source;
  • The electromechanical actuator can be automated;
  • They can reach high speeds;
  • They comprise lesser parts than linear servo actuators.


  • There is no option for automation, as they are powered manually;
  • They will not operate as long as linear servo actuators, as they have lesser moving parts;
  • They have just low/medium force.

What is the difference between them?

Speaking about linear vs servo actuator, there are many differences. They differ not only by their structure but operation as well. For example, you can change many things when your linear actuator is in motion. But still, you cannot change the speed. Linear servo actuator allows you to change the speed even when it is in motion.

One more thing is that you can reverse your linear actuator when you shift the polarity of the battery. Servo actuator does not have this option.

Linear actuators have special limit switches to stop the cylinder. As for the servos, you should install special programs.

Servo Actuators vs Linear Actuators: What to choose?

Basically, everything depends on a situation. Each project has some features. That is why it is impossible to choose the best one. Both of them are very efficient and have some pros/cons. So, you should decide by yourself, which one you need for your project.

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Well, as far as you can see, we gave you the main information about servo vs linear actuator. To choose the most suitable actuator for your project, you need to count all the pros/cons of both actuators. Both of them are perfect in specific spheres. Nevertheless, if you are going to buy an actuator, it will be better to visit online shop ProgressiveAutomations. They have only high-quality products at cheap prices.