NTSA’s TIMS Portal Back Online After Outage

ntsa tims back online

The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) is the government entity that is focused on the provision of safe, reliable and efficient road transportation services as per their mission.

NTSA has the TIMS (Transport Integrated Management Systems) portal that allows people to do a number of things regarding transportation including car ownership, driving licences and vehicle inspection.

Yesterday, TIMS was out of service and from sources, it started earlier during the day. This meant a lot of services were not available thanks to the system being down which includes car registration, transfer of ownership, vehicle particular change, duplicate logbook application, vehicle inspection, smart DL appointment and much more.

Well it seems they were hard at work to get it back online as now TIMS is back online. We still don’t know why TIMS was down but it is a sigh of relief to the people who wanted to access the portal yesterday.

TIMS has become more important of late, especially in the issuance of the new driving licences by NTSA. Our current driving licences are very old and we are moving to newer driving licences that have chips that contain our biometric data including blood groups and penalty points when one breaks a law. In order for you to get these driving licences, you must be registered to TIMS and book an appointment with NTSA to be issued the new licences and the process is outlined here

NTSA has the lofty goal of converting at least 80% of the current driving licences into smart ones so you bet TIMS will be one highly visited portal in the future.

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