Editable Tweets Are Coming. Here’s How They Would Work

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

Twitter CEO Jack DorseyTweets, but editable. We’ve all been crying out to Jack to bring this feature. So far Twitter has been playing around with users of the social media platform introducing features that literally no one asked for, but this is about to change. In a recent interview with Joe Rogan, Jack Dorsey floated the idea of editable tweets.

In the interview, Joe Regan suggested that Jack add support for editable tweets for typos with the ability for people to also see the original. Jack Dorsey replied by saying that Twitter was looking into exactly that.

He went further to explain why they have been sitting on this idea adding that Twitter was built on SMS and that you can’t edit back a text once you’ve sent it. Jack even noted that tweets could be given a window to edit back your tweets before sending. Twitter would add a 5-second to 30-second delay.

The time delay is short and Jack explained why making it long would ruin the real-time nature of the conversational flow generally had on the platform. Context is also going to be key as Jack puts it.

 “If you’re in the context of an NBA game, you want to be fast and in the moment. You want to be raw. But if you’re in the context of considering what the president just did or making a particular statement, then you probably need some more time. And we can be dynamic there.”

If this feature goes live, we won’t have to delete our pre-coffee tweets sent with accidental typos since we’ll be able to edit them. If you choose to edit your tweets, Jack added that Twitter will also show a trail of edits done to the tweet plus the original tweet for clarity.

Watch the full interview here

Twitter has been testing a couple of useful features that are yet to be released for the public including ‘Status Indicators‘ to spur more conversations and  ‘Morning Brief‘ that will come in handy for people who binge read news articles without all the comment.


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