RefrigerdatingMost dating apps take your initial looks as a basis for someone to swipe right or left on your profile. Refrigerdating wants to change that by taking into account of whatever’s inside your fridge and maybe that packet of almond milk will help you get a partner. So I signed up.

Refrigerdating is a site made by Samsung’s Sweden division in their campaign for their premium Family Hub smart fridges that were launched at CES early last month.  The fridge’s come with touch screens and interior cameras that allow you to see the contents of your fridge from internet-connected devices. This will let you be alerted when expiry dates of your perishable food items are near.

You don’t actually have to win a smart fridge to sign up for the dating service, just a pic of the contents of your open fridge will suffice. I uploaded mine which just contained half-eaten pizzas, a couple of milk packets and some unopened energy drink bottles. Also, there’s a half eaten apple for some reason. I can see you judging me already but would you swipe right for me?

To sign up on Refrigerdating, you need to include your first name, age and location. There’s no information on the other profiles apart from knowing if they’re into health food and snacks or total junk food maniacs. There are some tips too.Refrigerdating tips

I was careful not to be catfished. Yes, catfishing happens even on a fridge dating site as I could see some fridge pictures that are clearly stock images.

Refrigerdating hasn’t gone mainstream yet as a couple of scrolls and you run out of people to swipe. Clearly, not many people are into this concept.

Refrigerdating is limited to Sweden only where most of their population are households made of single people with no kids. Elin Axelsson, PR manager at Samsung Electronics Nordic noted that the platform might go worldwide if it performs well in Sweden. That makes excites as the only profile I got was this.

Generally this is a genius way for Samsung to advertise their smart fridges. For instance, this page aptly named “Learn how to analyse refrigerator personalities” will take show what profiles can be depicted from the fridge contents according to fridge dating expert( yes, that’s a career), Jone Stonehill.

Try it out here.