Telkom Kenya, ICT Ministry Seal Deal to Start a 36 TB Fibre Cable Project


DARE1Telkom Kenya, the State Department of ICT, among other members of the Djibouti African Regional Express “DARE 1” have announced a notable development regarding a cable landing deal that will see early stages of the project go live in the near future. The announcement, which was made after a series of meetings and a month-long reconnaissance, will precede the implementation of a 36 terabyte fibre cable project that will cover approximately 4,000 kilometers linking Kenya and Djibouti.

A Kenyan delegation took a visit to Djibouti to discuss the details of the cable deal, including the cost of IP traffic and cross-connection fees between Mombasa and Djibouti. The tour was led by the P.S. of ICT Jerome Ochieng’ and the CEO of ICT Authority Kate Getao.

“We expect the consultation and negotiations to take a couple of months between the DARE 1 consortium members, including the landing party partners with Telkom as a key stakeholder. Thanks to these negotiations, the region is closer to a digital economy from affordable Gigabit services in the region,” noted Mr Jerome.

Telkom Kenya, which is pursuing merger talks with Airtel Kenya that may see an Airtel-Telkom agency, looks forward to growing fibre capacity.

Telkom’s cable deal has the upper hand in several ways. For instance, its installation will leverage modern technologies. It will also come at a time when most cables are coming to the end of their lifeline that maxes out at two decades. What’s more, Telkom CEO says that the cable deal will provide a redundant international connection on a robust connection with an even bigger capacity.

“Telkom is excited to conclude the landing party agreement with Djibouti Telecoms considering the benefits it has in store for the country. This investment offers diversity in the routing of traffic and also provides for Fiber continuity considering the risk at the high seas,” noted Mr Mugo.


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