Important Features Your Mobile App Needs to Have

mobile app features

mobile app featuresProviding users with a great experience should be the main goal you have when creating a new app. Whether your app will be used for shopping or entertainment, there are some key features you need to ensure it has.

In a recent study, online consumers claimed the biggest complaint they had about the mobile apps they used was that they had to constantly resize the screen on their mobile device. Other complaints like slow page load speeds and confusing navigation also ranked high on this list.

Utilizing the power of tools like access rights management software and message apps during the app development process can make solving problems much easier for everyone involved. Once you feel like you have perfected your app, allowing users to beta test is a wise move.

During the beta testing process, you can get feedback regarding what users like and don’t like about the app. With this information, you can begin to optimize the app for maximum usability and function.

Read below to find out about some of the most important features your app needs to have.

Easy and Intuitive App Navigation

Once a consumer downloads your app, you want to impress them with how well designed it is. An overwhelming number of apps are used one time and discarded due to poor or confusing navigation. Rather than letting this happen to your program, you need to focus on making your app’s navigation both easy and intuitive.

The main goal you should have regarding app navigation is allowing users to get what they want with the lowest number of clicks. Confusing drop-down or side menu bars can prohibit a user from fully enjoying your program. Most mobile users prefer scrolling over clicking when it comes to finding the information they want.

Often times, trying to click smaller links or buttons on a mobile phone can be downright frustrating, which is why implementing more scrolling in your design is important. You should also limit the number of link options you provide per page on your app. Overwhelming the user with too many options can send them running for the hills.

Take the Work Out of the Checkout Process

If your app is designed to allow users to buy things from your online store, then creating a seamless checkout process is vital. Thousands of online carts are abandoned on a daily basis due to poor app design and functionality issues.

Making sure that only the most essential information is asked for can help you avoid a high rate of abandoned carts. Most people want to order what they need without having to go through the process of making an account on an app.

Looking for opportunities to help users autofill certain information can also be helpful. The less work a user has to do, the easier you will find it to increase sales and reduce frustration. You also need to make sure your app is secured so users can store their address and payment method information without fear.

Personalizing the User Experience

One of the best ways to reel in a potential sales lead is by personalizing the experience they have with your mobile app. Collecting user data is essential when trying to customize an app experience. Over time, you can use information like where a user is from and their past searches to offer them ads they actually care about. With all of the artificial intelligence-infused data collection software on the market, you should have no problem finding a program that can provide you with the information you need.

Putting the work in to constantly improve the customer experience is essential to the long-term success of your app.