Samsung Galaxy S10’s Hole Punch Cameras Inspire Creative Wallpapers

galaxy s10 hole punch wallpapers

galaxy s10 hole punch wallpapers

The Samsung Galaxy S10 was announced towards the end of last month and it confirmed the hole punch selfie camera on the display. The S10 has one selfie camera and the Plus has two selfie cameras at the front. This was a way for them to avoid the notch and it has borne a new way to approach wallpapers that embrace the hole punch camera holes.

Most of these cool wallpapers are centered around the Galaxy S10 Plus dual hole punch camera array since they look like robot eyes. This has made people come up with wallpapers that attach various pop culture characters that are known to have such eyes and you might know them from your usual TV watching or movie watching habits. Here are some of them.

This is my favourite: A white wallpaper with a robot that looks like the robot: WALL-E

It was obvious that the Robot Devil from Futurama would be included in this types of wallpapers and it works brilliantly.

a second form of the Robot devil wallpaper

Some Minions have two eyes and it fits perfectly

And of course he had to make a Galaxy S10 Plus wallpaper of the Mars Rover complete with the characteristic reddish hue from the Red Planet.

People went further by adding the iPhone 8 Plus as a Galaxy S10 Plus wallpaper. 

This is another one which looks like Kim Jong-un using a binoculars

Not forgetting the regular Galaxy S10 with its single hole punch display, here is a wallpaper that features R2-D2 (from Star  Wars if you didn’t know)


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