Fiber Optic Subscriptions Up 12%, Safaricom Closing in on Wananchi Group

fiber opticl cable

The Communications Authority of Kenya has released their latest Sector Statistics Report for Q2 2018-2019 and it has some interesting insights about the telecommunications sector.

One of the ways people have internet in their homes is through fiber optic cables and this has been growing rather fast.

According to the CAK report, fiber optic data subscribers grew by 12% in the quarter where we have a total of 175,824. However, they did not delineate this according to the various Internet Service Providers (ISPs), so it is hard to know the growth in each.

CAK might not have specified the growth of fiber optic subscriptions per ISP but they did that for the general fixed data segment.

In Q2 2018-19, the market share for all ISPs in the fixed data by ISPs has not changed much. Wananchi Group is still at the top with 141,021 subscriptions, which gives them a market share of 38.2%, down 1.2% quarter on quarter.

Safaricom is still second and they are closing down on market share where they have 109,925 subscriptions which is a 29.6% market share. This is up from the 27.6% market share they were recorded last quarter.

Jamii Telkom is still third with a 13.8% market share (51,082 subscriptions), Poa Internet at fourth with 7.5% and Internet Solutions rounding off the top 5 with 4.1% market share.

Last quarter, CAK restructured the Mawingu networks total that led to its count falling dramatically and it is still falling. Last quarter, they had 13,128 subscriptions while in Q2, they have 10,880 subscriptions which forms 2.2% of the market.


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