Clever Pre-April Fool’s Stunts Pulled By Brands This Year on Twitter

april fools day pranks

It is April 1st and this means two things: Some people are busy planning to prank other people and others are trying as hard as possible not to be pranked.

Companies have joined this cat and mouse game where they have consistently tried to come up with great pranks to be shared on this day or days before April 1st. They end up catching people offguard while the suspicious among us will notice how ridiculous they are.

This year, companies have become quite sly. They know that you will notice these pranks on April 1st since they would be so obvious, so they decided to drop them early. This has caught a lot of people offguard and only a few have realized that they are being pranked. Here are some of them.


This is my favourite so far. Tinder decided to pull an early April Fool’s day stunt where they announced that they will ‘launch’ Tinder Height Verification as an update. One of the things people ask in dating sites is to know people’s heights so it seemed plausible to some people.


Ola, the ride sharing company from India also joined this charade where they announced a new feature called Ola Restroom which will allow you to find a clean loo.

Really? So obvious


OnePlus, the Chinese company that sells highly acclaimed phones also joined in the April Fool’s joke pranks.

We know them as a company that sells phones, but recently, they decided to ‘hype’ something that looks like car with a tag: Coming Soon


Emirates ‘Chauffeur-less drones’

Emirates tried with this one.

They announced that they were going to announced ‘chauffeur less drones which you will use to fly between locations in Dubai and the airport DXB from next year 2020.

Render: 7/10
Cabin 10/10

Good attempt


This next one is tricky because it was not actually sent by a brand handle.

A few days ago, we have seen a graphic showing what is purporting to be pre-spread slices of bread that contain the popular Blueband margarine. This has caught a lot of people offguard.


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