Huge Blow to Academic Writers as PayPal Will Ban Processing Payments

paypal bans process payments academic writing


Academic writing has grown in the last decade to become a source of income for a lot of people here in Kenya and globally and that is going to change soon.

According to the BBC, PayPal will begin contacting essay writing firms where they will be given notice that they should “move their business elsewhere.”

“PayPal is working with businesses associated with essay-writing services to ensure our platform is not used to facilitate deceptive and fraudulent practices in education,” a spokesperson from the payment firm told BBC. “PayPal will continue to diligently review and take appropriate action on accounts found to facilitate cheating that undermines academic integrity.

This move follows the renewed interest by the UK’s Educational Secretary, Damian Hinds, who says that this practice of paying for paper writing is “unethical for these companies to profit from this dishonest business.”

Essay companies rely heavily on platforms like PayPal to process payments for this orders and this is seen as a way to significantly hamper their operation.

The Secretary, Damian Hindis, said that the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) had found 17,000 academic offences in 2016 and they were unsure how many cases had gone undetected. “Sadly, there have been always some people who opt for the easy way, and the Internet has seen a black market in essay-writing services spring up,” he sad.

This ban could significantly shake that industry up. Essay firms will have to search for alternative platforms to process payments. Another effect will be the decline of business, which means a lot of people who do such outsourcing jobs will be affected greatly.