Kitchen Tech That Gets Us Hot Under The Collar

Kitchen tech

Kitchen techTechnology has improved various day-to-day activities, but one of the ways that it has increased efficiency and productivity is in the kitchen. Whether this has cut out the various tedious tasks that must be done or technology that you never knew you needed until you got it; either way it has increased interest in cooking and pursued more people to get involved in kitchen duties. But what kitchen technology should shoppers be looking at in 2019?

Bottle Loft

As the summer approaches, nothing beats having an ice-cold beer when you get back from work, or when you’re trying to unwind on the weekend. The Bottle Loft safely falls into that bracket of not knowing you need it before you get it. It is a remarkably simple piece of technology that allows a magnetic strip to be applied to the roof of your fridge. Then the user can securely attach bottles to these.

Not only is it remarkably simple, but it also frees up more space in the fridge for other essentials such as milk and butter. They are released in batches of two strips which is ideal for keeping a six pack of bottles cool in the summer heat.

Jura Impressa F8

This technology is aimed at the most passionate of coffee lovers, and we’re informed that this Jura machine has over 13 different coffee settings (unlucky for some). The machinery allows for four speciality coffees, while also boasting a built-in milk frother. Meanwhile, there are no worries for cleaning as there is a brilliant self-cleaning facility.

For those coffee fans that consider themselves as home baristas, there is an ‘Expert Mode’ on the F8, and this will allow the user to change various settings including temperature, shot strength and volume. Furthermore, there is also a feature that will enable the user to keep a record of how many shots have been pulled. It is perfect for coffee-loving households who can never agree on which variation of coffee is the best.

Heat Conducting Scoop

There is nothing worse than having that craving for ice cream, only to wait for an extended period waiting for it to heat up from its frozen temperature before eating it. However, this remarkably simple piece of technology puts an end to the waiting for the delicious snack.

It is ingenious and economically friendly, as it’s biodegradable. The liquid interacts with the handle to take the heat from your hand and uses that to defrost the ice cream. The cold heat transfers to the scoop heat ring and allows the user to scoop freely through the chosen flavour of ice cream.

StirMATE Pot Stirrer

The most tedious part in cooking most meals is standing over the pot stirring for minutes on end. However, this unique piece of technology puts an end to this and does the job for you. It can cleverly be adjusted to fit a wide variety of different sized pots and will make the process of cooking food less time consuming for the user.

The stirrer can be adjusted to a variety of speeds; ensuring that it works like magic whether you’re looking for a helping hand with sauces, risotto, or custard. It is also dishwasher friendly, which means it is as efficient with washing up as it is with cooking.


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