Windows 7 Users Still Don’t Want to Upgrade to Windows 10


Windows April 2018 Update

It is almost 4 years since we got Windows 10 and it was a step in the right direction compared to the mess that was Window 8. Most people didn’t upgrade to Window 8 from Windows 7 and it seems a lot of people are still doing that right now.

Windows 7 was a damn good operating system and people like it because it works very well. This has become a problem for Microsoft since people don’t see the need to move on to the newer operating system since it covers their needs well.

This is why it is not a surprise when we see this report from NetMarketShare. According to their report, Windows 7’s share barely budged from 36.52% to 36.43%. This means hardly no Windows 7 user upgraded and that is not a good sign. n comparison, Windows 10 improved its market share from 43.62% to 44.10% and Windows 8.1 jumped from 4.13% too 4.22%

The biggest problem with Windows 7 users refusal to upgrade to the latest Windows release is the impending end of support for the operating system. According to Microsoft, they will terminate providing security updates or support PC’s running Windows 7 after January 14th 2020.

That is 8 months from now and this means they have to plan to upgrade to Windows 10 or else they risk out running software that is vulnerable to security attacks. Microsoft has been trying to implore Windows 7 users to upgrade by showing upgrade notifications to Windows 7 users in anticipation for the end of support.

Back in March 2019, Microsoft revealed that there were more than 800 million active Windows 10 users in the world. Using this figure, we can estimate that there are roughly 662 million users out there who have Windows 7, which is huge by any measure.


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