This Kenyan Website Lets You Pay to Anonymously Text Your Friends Game of Thrones Spoilers

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Game of Thrones is an insanely popular show and when an episodes drops, social media erupts with comments and memes about the latest episode. However not everyone gets to watch the show at the same time and this leads to a situation where you see spoilers everywhere on social media.

This has warranted people to wake up early and watch the show before logging into social media sites since people will be busy talking about the latest Game of Thrones episode. People generally do not like spoilers since it ruins the fun of watching the show. Well, it seems some people want to take the whole spoiling game to a new level.

Spoiled is the name for this Kenyan website where you pay to send spoilers to your friends via text. The developers said that they built it ‘mostly for fun’ and sure it is.

On the website, it asks you for your name, your email and the recipient’s phone number. Afterwards, the website asks you to select the episodes you want to spoil to your friend. Currently you can only send spoilers to Episode 6 since that is the next (and final) episode of Game of Thrones.

You have to pay for this service and they have an MPESA integration on the website. When you input your MPESA phone number, it will send an MPESA checkout for you to pay.

Game of Thrones will have its season finale next week so you might as well end the season and the series in general with a little bit of drama.