Safaricom Now Lets Customers Pay For Home Fiber Through PostPay

Available starting today.

Safaricom Fiber

Safaricom Fiber packages new pricing

Safaricom today has announced an alternative payment method for their customers who use Safaricom Home Fibre.

Their new system which they call Payment through PostPay Limit will allow PostPay customers to pay for their fiber subscriptions using their PostPay limit.

All you have to do is dial *400# , select ‘Manage your subscriptions’ and select the payment option postpay limit. You can check your credit limit balance by dialing *200#.

This service will be available to PostPay customers who are on Pure and Hybrid PostPay. A customer may opt to be either deducted once (where subsequent renewals have to be manually initiated) and auto renew where deductions are done automatically. Safaricom says you will be able to pay a single bill that includes your voice, data and home fiber services at the same time.

This new way of paying for your Home Fiber subscriptions will be available starting today.

This is a good move to give Safaricom customers another option for them to pay for their Home Fiber subscriptions. Initially, you had to pay for your Home Fiber subscription by either dialling *400# or better still via the Safaricom Home Fiber app which deducted the amount automatically from your MPESA account when you queried.

Safaricom’s fixed Internet services have grown pretty well in the last few year. The company’s fixed internet service is currently second only to Wananchi Group according to the latest Communications Authority of Kenya statistics. They added interesting product tie-ings to Fiber like opting for Home Insurance that was fulfilled by Jubilee Insurance. They recently expanded to towns like Nyeri this year competing with Mawingu Network which dominates the area.