Huawei Has Shipped 100 Million Smartphones This Year


During the unveiling of its various devices including the Huawei nova 5, nova 5i and nova 5 Pro and that spot Kirin 810 and 980 respectively, the tech giant announced that they have so far sold 100 million smartphones.

In 2018, the company had managed to sell 200 million smartphones and this was planning to overtake Samsung as the number global seller before the US decided to put them in a trade blacklist.

Every second, Huawei sells more than 6 smartphones globally

100 million units sold in the first five months of 2019 is quite a commendable figure despite the uncertainties it is currently facing but time will tell if the number ascend since they recently got a reprieve that gave them back their Android licence but after the 90 days ending in mid-August, we don’t know if new devices will ship with its relatively fast performing OS.

We recently spotted EMUI 10 based on Android so Huawei hasn’t given up on Android yet despite them not having started negotiations with the US government – Google set the ball rolling by asking the US government to let Huawei off the hook in the ongoing trade ban.

Early this week, Ren Zhengfei, Huawei Founder and chief executive said that the ban could cost them $30 billion in revenue this year as sales of its smartphones outside China descended to 40% in the past month.

Regarding its wearables, Huawei has so far sold over 2 million Huawei Watch GT smartwatches globally since their launch in October last year making it register a 282% year-on-year-growth as compared to the same fiscal quarter last year.

Huawei executives remained hushed about their new OS during the event and also didn’t indulge in saying anything about their future plans.

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