Huawei’s HongMeng/Ark OS Reportedly Performs Faster Than Android


Huawei isn’t keeping all its eggs in one basket with all that is going on in the recent weeks following the US trade ban. Google is already in talks with the US government to let Huawei off the hook of this ban. The Chinese tech giant hasn’t started negotiations but they’re working on their own Android replacement OS which goes by the name Ark OS or HongMeng OS  they’ve already started patenting this trademark in several countries.

Huawei partnered with Tencent and conducted tests on its OS with various smartphone manufacturers including VIVO and OPPO to tests its performance as compared to Google’s Android. The tests look positive so far, as the Ark OS performs 60% relatively faster than Android according to reports.

Details about the OS are still scant but we know Huawei is reportedly accelerating its development. So far the company is taking advantage of the 90-day reprieve to update all its current devices to Android Pie which is now at 80 million devices and Huawei wants it to reach 100 million. Huawei is rolling out EMUI 9.1 second public beta to more devices plus its already reaching to app developers to start publishing their apps on their App Gallery, their Google Play Store alternative.  They recently said that their smartphone production is still at full capacity but their goal of surpassing Samsung will have to be put on hold in the meantime.

The new OS will probably ship with devices launching next year such as the Huawei P40 series or the Mate series slated to be released later this year. GSMArena reported that Huawei has shipped 1 million devices with the new OS although it is unknown if they’re market-available phones.


  1. […] There’s a couple of Huawei devices getting Android Q if the current crisis with the US ends including the Mate 20, P30 series, Honor View 20 and Honor Magic 2 but that future is uncertain.The early build of EMUI 10 has been confirmed to be based off of Android Q. XDA-Developers tested it on a P30 Pro to check if it’s real. Changes are minimal as it’s an early build.A couple of changes look similar to EMUI 9.1 including the launcher, status bar, Quick Settings, notifications, and Settings.Android Q permission controls are present too.The camera UI has also been tweaked.Dark Mode is also present.Some users who have downloaded the early build of EMUI 10 and are saying it’s much faster than the EMUI 9.1 early build. It’s also working perfectly fine with no major issues.Fingers twisted that Huawei and the US government resolve this issue – Google is already in talks while Donald Trump said that he might easen up restrictions on Huawei if takks with China advance.The company is also working on it’s own OS – HongMeng/Ark OS that it has tested with it’s own devices plus devices from VIVO, OPPO, Xiaomi and Tencent. The tests reportedly say that the OS is perfroms relatively 60% faster than Android. […]

  2. […] 100 million units sold in the first five months of 2019 is quite a commendable figure despite the uncertainties it is currently facing but time will tell if the number ascend since they recently got a reprieve that gave them back their Android licence but after the 90 days ending in mid-August, we don’t know if new devices will ship with its relatively fast performing OS. […]

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