Asus ROG II is the Most Gamer Phone Yet

asus rog ii

Gaming phones started becoming a trend last year and Asus had one: The ROG phone. It had an aggressive design, fans, 90Hz OLED screen and of course the top end CPU at the time.

Well, recently, Qualcomm released the Snapdragon 855 Plus which was a souped up version of the flagship Qualcomm chip for mobile. This gave an indication that there will be new gaming phones coming soon and sure enough, we have.

Asus has unveiled their latest generation of the Asus ROG line of gaming phones and it is bananas. The Asus ROG II as it is aptly named is charged up and has better specs than before.

First, it has the Snapdragon 855 Plus chipset where the CPU can go upto 2.96Ghz, higher than the ‘regular’ 2.84Ghz on the regular 855. The Adreno 640 GPU is clocked at 675Mhz which is 15% higher than the normal one. It also has class leading 12GB of RAM and 512GB of the fast UFS 3.0 storage which is as high end as it gets.

The one feature people will dwell on this phone is the display. The 6.59″ 1080 x 2340 pixel dense AMOLED screen is essentially perfect for gaming. It has a 120Hz refresh rate which I believe is the first for OLED phones in the industry. The display also has very low latency (1ms) and Asus claims that they have managed a lower touch latency than the iPhone XS Max. The screen also supports 10 bit HDR colour which means it is also perfect for watching content on streaming sites like Netflix or Amazon Prime.

The phone also comes with the gaming centric features we saw from the original ROG phone. We still have the dual USB C ports. There is stereo speakers, RGB LED lights, heat sink and fan for dissipating heat.

The phone also has cameras that we have seen from other phones. It has the 48MP f/1.79 Sony main sensor, a 13MP wide angle lens and a 24MP selfie camera. The phone also has a huge 6000mAh battery which is needed since it has that power sipping 120Hz OLED display. Apparently this phone can charge that huge battery from flat to full in around 81 minutes, which is pretty fast.

This phone might retail for $900 judging from the previous pricing of the original ROG phone. This is currently the fastest Android phone you can get and it is kind of awesome that it exists.