These Memes Took over the Internet the Last Few Days

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Memes. Memes. Memes. Memes. The only thing holding the internet together.  Also here’s an interesting fact you didn’t know, memes are the DNA of the soul. Anyway, here are some of the best memes that trended the last few days from Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Reddit or Instagram to cheer you up.

Has Jeff Bezos Decided to End World Hunger Memes

Jeff Bezos can end world hunger if he wants to. His net worth is estimated to be $170  billion and that it would take almost $30 billion to end world hunger per year. It is worth noting that this UN Food and Agriculture Organization figure is impossible to verify and likely incorrect.

There’s now a Twitter account that with the handle @HasBezosDecided that has been active since 21st July and has now has close to 35,000 followers. Most of its tweets are memes about Bezos not choosing to end world hunger

The account has sparked discussions on Twitter

How do you insult someone politely?

You like my phone? My husband, he bought it.

If you listen to pop music, you might have across Ariana’s hit song, 7 rings. The song has had multiple covers on YouTube, my favourites are these three by The Animal In MeOur Last Night and ChuggaBoom’s. Apart from the covers, there’s been parodies and one interesting one is from TikTok.

Melanie Candler posted the video saying “You like my phone? My husband, he bought it. You like my car? My husband, he bought it.” The video got crossposted to Twitter where memes caught up with it.

This is all people are thinking of when 7 rings comes up.

She even responded to the backlash

Here are other parodies of Melanie’s video

Here are other TikTok versions.

Kamala Harris hand wave

Senator Kamala Harris is a 2020 USA presidential hopeful and in a recent event, she was waving but it looked insincere and thus began the relatable memes

Some even mocked her policies. This was funny.

Instagram meme pages on Reddit

Recently Instagram deleted a lot of major meme accounts which are now moving to Reddit

Reddit has made it clear they’re not welcome, calling them normies

Educate from dankmemes

Teach ‘em real quick from memes

Redditors are making of new users who are double-tapping images posted since they don’t know how Reddit works

instagram normies right now from memes

No double tap around these parts from memes

You have become the very thing you swore to destroy from memes

Well boys, we did it. from dankmemes

It’s not all bad

For all the newcomers out there… Welcome from memes

Cotton Candy Memes

A Twitter user posted a video of how Cotton Candy dissolves quickly when put in water.

Tweeps got creative with their replies to relatable occurrences.


Others were surprised that people didn’t know this.

Everybody Unionizing memes

Reddit can be a very strange place but it got even stranger when a user posted that his subs have unionized(the original post got archived here).

My (25M) subs (23F, 26F, 22M, 28M, 28M) have unionized from copypasta

The post got to Twitter and people created their own funny versions.

A Jesus reference

A Stranger Things refrence

Hannibal Buress Hands Memes

Here’s another meme from The Eric Andre Show. In a YouTube video, Hannibal Buress who is a co-host is seen staring at his hands.

It was posted on Twitter and users got creative with their replies

It got weird

It even got Hannibal commenting on it

Drake’s Care  Package will have us in our feelings

Drake recently announced he will be dropping a new album via Instagram.

When it was made available, fans responded.

I hate Clichés memes

My favourite

Number Neighbor Texts Memes

Number neighbours are individuals who have a similar phone number as yours but it’s off by one digit. People were texting their number neighbours and getting mixed replies

Others were getting positive replies

This took longer than expected

Parting Shot

If you’ve been binging HBO’s Big Little Lies, then you’ll agree it had a less-than-stellar season two. just like season 8 of its sibling show, Game of Thrones.

In the final episode, Renata Klein played by Laura Dern destroys her husbands toy train set screaming “Maybe you should have shown a woman a little respect!”.

Now that you’re caught up, singer King Princess took Mary Louise’s(played by Meryl Streep) scream and turned it into a techno track.

Here’s the clip showing the scream from the HBO show

Listen to the new track

Catch up with more memes here


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